Are Canadian Diamonds Popular Outside Of Canada?

Canadian Diamonds – Brilliant and beautiful, diamonds have the distinction of being the world’s most sought-after gemstone. It has come to symbolize wealth, splendor and longevity — a reflection of its own characteristics. The brisk demand has created a multi-billion dollar mining industry with a global presence. The African continent has traditionally dominated the field in terms of resources with Russia, Australia and Brazil bringing up the rear. It was only fairly recently — near the turn of the century – that Canada came into the mix after a fortuitous discovery. In just a short while, Canadian diamonds have become a popular commodity thanks to visionary and uncompromising ideals.

Canadian Diamonds

A Brief History of Canadian Diamonds

Although diamond has been around since ancient times, modern mining only started in the 1860s when the large-scale operation opened in South Africa. It took over a hundred years since then before Canadians diamonds were discovered. This fact can be largely attributed to the remoteness of the place where the minerals were found. What followed was a decade-long diamond rush that saw companies scouring the Northwest region for possible sites.

There are currently five big mining sites in the country, namely the Ekati, Diavik, Snap Lake, Victor and Jericho mines. Some of them are owned by the most prominent companies in the diamond industry such as DeBeers. The financial crisis decreased mining and exploration activities but more projects are getting back on track. These projects, including Gahcho Kué, are expected to add significantly more production volume to an already impressive annual output.

An Environmentally Conscious Mode of Production

There are a number of reasons why Canadian diamonds have garnered so much success in so little time. One of them is the insistence of the government to implement an environmentally conscious mode of production. The mining industry is riddled with accusations of bad practices that harm the delicate balance of nature and wreak havoc on the environment. Fortunately, Canadian diamonds is an exception with every mining company obliged to adhere to a high standard of operation in order to obtain and keep their license. The impact on local wildlife, water sources, and other items of concern are strictly monitored to protect their welfare.

A Positive Economic Impact on the Region

Since the establishment of the mines, the Northwest Territories of Canada have experienced an economic revival. Statistics show an improvement across the board demonstrating the positive impact of Canadian diamonds to the lives of the people situated in the area. It was a timely entry as well because gold was on the decline so there needed to be a new stimulus. Canadians diamonds provided just that in ample measure. Canada may lag behind in terms of volume of production but it is giving Russia a good fight in terms of value of production. While the rest of the world’s mines are drying up, Canada is just starting to give a glimpse of its potential.

A Reliable Method of Verifying Authenticity and Origin

By definition, Canadian diamonds are those which are mined inside Canada. Further processing such as polishing and cutting for cosmetic purposes may also be done in the country or accomplished elsewhere in the world. Due to the controversy involving blood diamonds, there is a growing sentiment among buyers that it is best to avoid gemstones from countries where they are being used to finance insurgencies and other forms of conflict. The industry has mobilized to introduce a certification initiative called the Kimberly Process that can tell customers where their purchases have come from. All Canadian diamonds have laser inscribed markers that can assure people of their origin.

Canadian Diamonds: The World’s Favorite Gems

Although there are plenty of diamond sources out there, people still keep coming back to Canadian diamonds. They know that these gems are not created equal. With Canadian diamonds, they can be sure that they are getting stones of excellent quality which have been mined with utmost consideration for the environment and the local inhabitants. The bulk of Canadian diamonds are exported to Belgium and the United Kingdom where they enjoy tremendous popularity, with the rest being distributed across the globe. The demand is projected to rise continuously now that the worldwide economy has recovered from the crisis. So do yourself a favor and buy

Canadian Diamonds