What Are Canadian Diamonds?

Canadian diamonds

are popular in wedding and engagement rings, and many customers specifically request diamonds from Canada. They are guaranteed to be of a conflict-free origin, and they belong to some of the most ethically mined diamonds in the world. There are many good reasons for choosing Canadian diamonds, and many diamonds mined in Canada are continuously known for their high quality.

Where Do Canadian Diamonds Come From?

Canada is the world’s third biggest producer of diamonds and there are several diamond mines in this vast country. Two of the most famous mines are the Ekati and the Diavik mines. Millions of carats of diamonds are produced in Canada every year.

One of the main benefits of buying Canadian diamonds is that their origin is guaranteed to be “conflict-free”. Certified Canadian diamonds can be traced back to their origin. The diamonds come with an identification number that proves that they are mined in Canada and that they are conflict-free diamonds. The certification number should be inscribed on the diamond with a laser but it is not visible to the naked eye.

Ethical Conflict Free Canadian Diamonds

Canadian diamonds are mined according to Canadian legislation that has strict regulations about environmental responsibility and sustainability. The diamonds are mined, cut and produced according to fair labor practices and environmentally sustainable mining practices. Canada has rigorous environmental laws and practices to protect the natural environment around the mines and the wildlife. Many mines are also committed to benefiting local Aboriginal groups, and many mines promote fair labor practices and local training programs that benefit the indigenous groups in the area. Many mines also avoid supplying diamonds to companies that are related to conflict diamonds and unfair labor practices or human rights abuses.

Canadian diamonds

How To Choose A Diamond

The quality of a diamond is based on the so-called four C’s: carat, color, cut and clarity. Most people think of carat weight when choosing a diamond, but the other C’s are just as important. The diamond’s cut is especially important. A cut refers to more than just the diamond’s shape. A well-cut diamond reflects light from all its surfaces and sparkles, but a poorly cut diamond can look lifeless. For a diamond to be as beautiful as possible it has to be cut well.

The diamond’s color typically ranges from white to yellow. Colorless white diamonds are most valued, and colors are graded from white colorless (the most expensive diamonds) to light yellow (the cheapest and less valued diamonds). There are also naturally colored diamonds (such as the rare pink diamonds) that can be highly valuable.

A diamond’s clarity means its lack of blemishes or flaws. The most valued, highest clarity graded diamonds are called “flawless” and the poorest clarity diamonds are called “imperfect”. There are many grades between. Most diamonds come with some inclusions and flaws, but in the highest clarity grades these are not visible to a naked eye.

The diamond’s weight in carats is the fourth “C”. Single Canadian diamonds that are over one carat in weight are the most valuable, and the value increases as the weight in carat increases. One diamond that weighs more than one carat is always more valuable than two diamonds together, even if their total weight exceeds one carat. At the same time two different Canadian diamonds that have the same weight in carats can have major differences in value, because the value is also calculated based on the cut, the clarity and the color of the gemstone.

Why You Should Buy

Canadian Diamonds

Most customers who look for Canadian diamonds are looking for conflict-free, ethically mined and produced diamonds. Canadian diamonds also have a good reputation for their high quality. Many mines in Canada continuously produce good quality diamonds that are highly rated based on the four C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Canadian diamonds are popular in wedding rings, engagement rings and other types of jewelry. They often come with a higher price tag than diamonds from some other parts of the world, but they also come with a guarantee that the diamond is mined in an environmentally sustainable way and can be traced back to its source.