How Can I Buy A Canadian Diamond Without Going To Canada?

If you are currently in the position of wanting to get your hands on Canadian diamonds, it is very likely that you have already spent a bit of time looking around the market. Educating yourself when it comes to what is available on the market today would be a great way to begin to see some of the value that comes along with Canadian diamonds. In fact, a brief entry into the market in many countries throughout the world would be the key to letting you know that the process by which diamonds are obtained in something that should cause you to deal with a bit of concern. Very often, the diamonds that you are being sold are not obtained in line with laws that are set in place with a focus on what is best for the environment in general.

Spending your money on diamonds that are obtained through means you are not happy with would be very much like funding a practice that is against your beliefs. If this is not something that you stand for, it is important that you ensure a focus on the value offered by Canadian diamonds.

Canadian diamonds

Many people fall in love with Canadian diamonds because of the fact that they are obtained in line with strict environmental laws set in place within the country. This difference translates into protection of animals living within the area and the bodies of water that are vital to the survival of animals within the wild. It is very important to keep in mind that each and every choice you make on a daily basis will have a direct impact on the world that our children live in at some point in the future. If you do not want your diamond purchase to cause harm to the environment and the world around you, it is vitally important that you spend your money on Canadian diamonds when it comes time to find the diamond that will make your dreams come true.

It is very easy to make excuses and put hurdles in place when you begin the process of shopping for a diamond, this is something you will quickly discover. Typically, people will suffer from this by simply assuming that they are not able to get their hands on Canadian diamonds due to the location that they enjoy at the moment. Do not venture into your search with the idea that you have to live in Canada to get your hands on some of the best diamonds in the world today. If you make this mistake, you will spend money on low quality diamonds. Instead, you have the comfort of being able to obtain the Canadian diamonds by simply requesting our catalog. Eliminating the need to worry about traveling around the world in order to get your hands on the best diamonds means that you no longer have to worry about settling.

Canadian diamonds are the leading choice for people that want a superior experience when it comes to the diamonds they are investing money into. These diamonds offer a superior cut and clarity to anything that is available on the market today. Additionally, there is no need to worry about the possibility that animals are being subjected to harm because of the investment that you are making in a timeless piece. Canadian diamonds are ideal for those that want to ensure they are spending money on something that is going to put protections in place for the environment and the world around us.

Each and every decision that you make when it comes to how you spend your money will have an impact on the future that you are able to provide to the future generations of your family. When you are involved with searching for your dream diamonds, Canadian diamonds would be the best investment that you could make. In fact, Canadian diamonds would also be the key to ensuring that you are able to walk away happy with your investment. No matter what your budget may be, these diamonds will provide a beautiful solution.

What Are Canadian Diamonds?

Canadian diamonds

are popular in wedding and engagement rings, and many customers specifically request diamonds from Canada. They are guaranteed to be of a conflict-free origin, and they belong to some of the most ethically mined diamonds in the world. There are many good reasons for choosing Canadian diamonds, and many diamonds mined in Canada are continuously known for their high quality.

Where Do Canadian Diamonds Come From?

Canada is the world’s third biggest producer of diamonds and there are several diamond mines in this vast country. Two of the most famous mines are the Ekati and the Diavik mines. Millions of carats of diamonds are produced in Canada every year.

One of the main benefits of buying Canadian diamonds is that their origin is guaranteed to be “conflict-free”. Certified Canadian diamonds can be traced back to their origin. The diamonds come with an identification number that proves that they are mined in Canada and that they are conflict-free diamonds. The certification number should be inscribed on the diamond with a laser but it is not visible to the naked eye.

Ethical Conflict Free Canadian Diamonds

Canadian diamonds are mined according to Canadian legislation that has strict regulations about environmental responsibility and sustainability. The diamonds are mined, cut and produced according to fair labor practices and environmentally sustainable mining practices. Canada has rigorous environmental laws and practices to protect the natural environment around the mines and the wildlife. Many mines are also committed to benefiting local Aboriginal groups, and many mines promote fair labor practices and local training programs that benefit the indigenous groups in the area. Many mines also avoid supplying diamonds to companies that are related to conflict diamonds and unfair labor practices or human rights abuses.

Canadian diamonds

How To Choose A Diamond

The quality of a diamond is based on the so-called four C’s: carat, color, cut and clarity. Most people think of carat weight when choosing a diamond, but the other C’s are just as important. The diamond’s cut is especially important. A cut refers to more than just the diamond’s shape. A well-cut diamond reflects light from all its surfaces and sparkles, but a poorly cut diamond can look lifeless. For a diamond to be as beautiful as possible it has to be cut well.

The diamond’s color typically ranges from white to yellow. Colorless white diamonds are most valued, and colors are graded from white colorless (the most expensive diamonds) to light yellow (the cheapest and less valued diamonds). There are also naturally colored diamonds (such as the rare pink diamonds) that can be highly valuable.

A diamond’s clarity means its lack of blemishes or flaws. The most valued, highest clarity graded diamonds are called “flawless” and the poorest clarity diamonds are called “imperfect”. There are many grades between. Most diamonds come with some inclusions and flaws, but in the highest clarity grades these are not visible to a naked eye.

The diamond’s weight in carats is the fourth “C”. Single Canadian diamonds that are over one carat in weight are the most valuable, and the value increases as the weight in carat increases. One diamond that weighs more than one carat is always more valuable than two diamonds together, even if their total weight exceeds one carat. At the same time two different Canadian diamonds that have the same weight in carats can have major differences in value, because the value is also calculated based on the cut, the clarity and the color of the gemstone.

Why You Should Buy

Canadian Diamonds

Most customers who look for Canadian diamonds are looking for conflict-free, ethically mined and produced diamonds. Canadian diamonds also have a good reputation for their high quality. Many mines in Canada continuously produce good quality diamonds that are highly rated based on the four C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Canadian diamonds are popular in wedding rings, engagement rings and other types of jewelry. They often come with a higher price tag than diamonds from some other parts of the world, but they also come with a guarantee that the diamond is mined in an environmentally sustainable way and can be traced back to its source.

The History Of Canadian Diamonds

Canadian Diamonds

If you ask anyone where diamonds come from, the most common reply you will get is Africa. Yes, Africa produces the most diamonds. However, African diamonds have also been tainted by the illegal trading process in the country and this has focused the world’s attention on the illegal diamond trading process. Most large companies have also stepped back from African diamonds due to the huge controversy surrounding the so-called blood diamonds.

Canadian diamonds

In an effort to find the popular stone, large companies are now exploring other areas. Very few people know that diamonds are produced by several other countries in a clear and legal manger. In fact, Canadian diamonds top the list for their quality and authenticity.

Diamond discovery in Canada can be attributed to Chuck Fipke and Stewart Blusson. The two geologists were prospecting in Northern Canada and they were convinced that the area would have several diamond deposits. No one really thought that the area was a potential diamond mine but the two geologists persevered and continued digging all over the area. The two geologists believed that Canada could produce worldclass diamonds because of the country’s geochemistry. According to studies, the country had the largest amount of cratons or ancient stable parts of the earth’s crust. These cratons were also prime areas for kimberlite or diamond pipe formation. The geologists used a combination of mineral chemistry knowledge, mapping of regional ice advance and retreat patterns, and geophysical planning to map the area for Canadian diamonds.

To their good luck, they eventually managed to find diamond-bearing Kimberlite pipes in 1991. The Canadian diamonds reserves were located about 200 miles north of Yellowknife in the Northern Territories. The two geologists were quick to cash into the discovery and one of those pipes was developed by BHP Billion in to the current EKATI diamond mine. The mine produced the first Canadian diamonds in 1998. The success of the EKATI mine focused the attention of other developers in to the area and very soon, large multinationals had their own geologists crawling all over the countryside searching for local Canadian diamonds.

Currently, there are several large mines producing Canadian diamonds in the area. EKATI has now produced over 40 million carats of Canadian diamonds and there seems to be no stopping for the mine. Apart from EKATI, the Diavik Mine located about 190 miles north of Yellowknife has also turned out to be a huge producer of good Canadian diamonds. This open-pit mine produces more than eight million carats of diamonds per year. Now, the mine will be advancing into the underground mining and the mine is expected to continue producing great diamonds for the next 22 years. Other mines like Snap Lake Mine and Victor Mine has also been established around Yellowknife. Both mines are owned by De Beers. Both mines produce more than 200,000 carats of Canadian diamonds annually and they are expected to double in production as the mines are exploited completely.

Canadian diamonds

Multinationals have continued to drill all over Northwest Canada in the hopes of finding new fields and they have not been disappointed. Most of the larger fields have been registered but they have yet to be exploited and developed. Multinationals have also started exploiting previously closed mines in the area as well. Modern development techniques and seismic methods are being used to check existing kimberlites for diamond deposits. The Vancouver-based Peregrine Diamonds benefited from this process as they decided to re-evaluate the DO-27 kimberlite pipe located in the Northwest Territories. On re-examination, the team discovered promising micro diamond deposits in the area. As a result, the company decided to open the pipe and proceeded directly to underground sampling in 1993. At the time, the pipe showed disappointing yields and the company abandoned the project. In 2005, the company decided to re-check the pipe with better technology and they were pleasantly surprised. The pipe yielded 0.98 carats per tonne. A statistical analysis showed that the pipe would now yield an economic profit and it could be exploited for diamond reserves.

So why wait; if you like diamonds and if you like conflict-free diamonds, you should opt for Canadian diamonds. At present, the diamonds retail under the Eskimo Arctic Diamonds, Arctic Mark Diamonds, CanadaMark Diamonds, and Polar Bear Diamonds brand names. Do the world a favor and buy

Canadian Diamonds